Some of the greatest sins in business marketing today are not in the digital world, but in how companies, especially retail and brick and mortar service stores, go about their signage — or lack thereof.


While marketing your business online is unarguably of extreme importance, as a small business owner, a majority of your customers’ decisions to stop by and make a purchase are made right outside your property, and not having quality business signage can be the difference between another happy customer and another car passing by your lot.


Great retail business signage stands out, grabs the consumer’s attention, and directly communicates what action you want them to take, whether it’s walking inside your store, giving you a call, or purchasing something.  A great business sign has to capture the customer’s interest enough to read it; just like a great email subject line gets someone to open it, a great headline in a newspaper gets someone to read it or a great magazine cover makes someone buy it. In this way, your business signage follows many of the same principles that the rest of your marketing entails.


The following are our tips at Lonestar Creative Scapes for how to successfully create compelling business signage that leads to better results for your company. If you find you’re in need of custom business signage for your company in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, reach out to us for a free custom quote to create the perfect eye-catching boulder design for your business.


Be Short And To The Point

If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that people’s attention spans are decreasing by the day, and your tangible on-site business signage is not exempt from this. Now more than ever, if you want to compel someone to act upon a message, you have to be short and direct with your communication — no beating around the bush — or boulder in our case.  


Choose Easy-To-Read Fonts

Some small businesses can get by with sloppy typography for their company signage that looks like crayons on a chalkboard, but simply getting by and actually driving sales are two completely different things. Like we already mentioned, the key to getting customers to act based off of your business signage depends completely on enticing them into reading the signage in its entirety. Choose a font that is clear, pleasing to the eye, and legible from a wide variety of distances without people having to squint or put on their glasses, because they won’t — they’ll just leave.

Don’t Be Afraid To Relocate Business Signage

One of our favorite parts about creating custom business signage is delivering our boulder products to companies and getting to help them in the decision process of where the best placement on the property is for their outdoor sign. One thing we consistently remind our Dallas and Fort Worth small business owners about is the fact that nothing is permanent! Feel free to test out your business signage in one area, see how it looks from the customer’s perspective, and then run a test trial over a period of time to determine if you see any improved results in your customer traffic. If it’s not working to your liking, you can try out a better location.


Have Fun

This should go without saying, but coming up with a design for your business signage should be a fun process. Your customers will appreciate the time taken into developing a sign that captivates and quite possibly even humors them.


If you’re ready to create compelling business signage for your company, fill out the form below!

  • Please note: we measure from the farthest length and farthest height points.

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