What is Lonestar Creative Scapes?

Lonestar Creative Scapes is a custom signage company located in North Texas that creates beautiful products, for residential and commercial signage and landscape decoration, that are custom made just for you. Our products can be used for name or address signage, memorials, headstones, business signage, ranch and farm signage, schools, parks, subdivisions — virtually anywhere that signs are desired or needed.

How long has Boulder Designs® been creating these unique rock sign products?

After 7 years of research and development, the Boulder Designs ® product line has been available since 2008.

What are the advantages of a Boulder Designs sign?

Our rock signs are 100% solid with no “hollow shell”. They have the strength to last a lifetime, are virtually maintenance free, and are an environmentally-friendly choice when compared to the other alternatives for signs. For our commercial customers, a rock sign will grab the attention of passers-by and turn your location into a landmark.

Are your rock signs HOA friendly?

Yes. Although most HOA’s restrict signage, they typically are referring to signs such as advertising, commercial, for sale etc. Our address & welcome signs are usually classified as landscape improvement or yard art…and not a sign.

How are the stones made?

Lonestar Creative Scapes’ products are constructed utilizing Boulder Designs® proprietary materials, equipment, and techniques. Our signage and landscape products are similar to Cultured Stone with the added benefit of us being able to customize the graphics and design.

In addition, the finished product is similar to the look, feel, weight and durability of natural stone. There is no “hollow shell” within our products to weaken its strength. Depending upon the size and shape of your rock boulder, the average product weighs from 100 – 5,000 pounds or even more. Your custom-crafted rock sign design definitely has the strength to last a lifetime.

Are the text and graphics chiseled in to the rock?

Yes. All the text and graphics are chiseled into the rock and are NOT flat on the surface of the rock.

Can you add graphics to both sides of a rock boulder sign?

Yes. We can add graphics to both sides of your rock sign. The graphics can be the same on both sides, or you can have different designs on each side of your sign.

What size rock do I need?

Some factors to consider when determining the size of your rock sign are the amount of text/graphics that you want, where it will be seen, how far from the road it will be placed, is it going to be portable or permanent, and, of course, your budget.

You will also want to take into consideration the rock color so your design really “pops” off of the rock. Like any sign, there is a limit to how much text/graphics that you can fit in a given area and still be readable and aesthetically pleasing. A smaller, simple address marker would usually be located near the road while large signs and monuments can be placed in the front yard, in the garden bed, or anywhere on your property to add style to your landscape. An additional option to consider is wiring the boulder with internal lighting, so it can easily be connected to your existing outdoor lighting and be seen at night.

Where are your products made?

All of our rock signage and other products are custom-crafted at our manufacturing facility in Canton, Texas.

Is the rock color just painted on the surface of the rock?

No. The color of the rock is the whole rock and not just on the surface.

Do you deliver and install?

Yes. We deliver and install all our signage products in Northeast Texas—within the Dallas Fort-Worth area and beyond.

What are the benefits of Lonestar Creative Scapes products?

Each rock boulder is individually custom-crafted using Boulder Designs® proprietary equipment and designed around the content that you would like to appear on it. In addition, most of our commercial clients find that rock signage is often allowed by zoning regulations where standard signage is not.

How are the rock boulder signs secured?

Although the type of terrain (sandy, clay, rocky etc.) and the slope of the terrain affects the installation method, usually rock signs that are less than 500-600 pounds and less than 36″ tall are secured with a large metal stake. The stones are manufactured with a one-inch, hollow “receiving tube” in the center of the stone that the stake is set on. This keeps our rocks from shifting or being pushed over. They’re not going anywhere! A metal stake is included with each rock sign. Larger boulders are installed with concrete footings. When we install your rock sign, we will make sure that is is securely placed. All quotes will include the proper installation.

How strong are your rock signs?

Very strong. Our proprietary composite mix has a compressive break strength of 3,500 PSI. Our larger rock signage would actually meet the requirements for most state-approved road signs, which means our signs could be laid down and literally hold up to rush hour traffic.

How long will your rock signage last?

Virtually forever. Lonestar Creative Scapes signs are like monuments—needing little to no maintenance when compared to plastic, wood, or vinyl signage. They will outlast almost every other known type of signage on the market. In addition, our rocks are an environmentally-friendly choice over plastic or vinyl signage options.

How long does the process take?

Once the collaborative design process (between you and us) is completed, the manufacturing of your custom rock sign generally takes between 4 – 6 weeks at which time your boulder will be delivered and securely placed.