Reasons Why Our Custom Signage Rocks

Custom outdoor signs are one of the most exquisite ways to express and showcase your company brand or your personal artistic touch for your home, but the type of outdoor signage in which you choose can play a vital role in how well your custom sign will suit your needs.

Which is why for our first blog post, here at Lonestar Creative Scapes, we want to show you why our custom outdoor signage rocks — literally.

Based in Canton, Texas, we’ve been assisting small businesses and families alike throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and all of the North Texas area with their custom outdoor signage needs for years now helping to bring even the most intricate of designs to life on our custom boulder designs.

What makes our custom boulder designs rock? We hoped you might ask.

Perks Of Custom Boulder Designs For Your Outdoor Signage


No matter where you are in need of outdoor signage, our custom boulder designs are incredibly versatile, making them ideal for a long-term signage solution for a wide variety of applications. Since we can make them into any shape or size that you desire, you can partner with us to create the perfect outdoor sign solution for any area of your property.



When you choose Lonestar Creative Scapes for your outdoor signage needs, you can get a more personalized sign than anywhere else! Each stone sign can be custom formed and designed to be as large or small and as simple or elaborate as you so choose.



While there is no questioning the strength and enduring nature of stone signage, what makes Lonestar Creative Scapes boulder signage solution a better bang for your buck is the fact that our outdoor signage is 100 percent solid with no hollow shell. This not only provides a more natural and authentic look but a superior product that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way.



One issue that we have come across with other outdoor sign companies is the inconsistent or lack of communication during the design process. Many traditional sign shops that churn out a myriad of designs a day fail to keep their customers in the loop during each phase of the design creation, meaning many times you end up with a final product that isn’t anywhere close to what you were hoping for.

With Lonestar, we made transparency one of our main priorities, ensuring that you are involved in every aspect of the design process so your outdoor signage truly does rock. Using photoshop, we custom design exactly what you want before it’s made by providing you with a mockup that can then be altered, shaped, and sized to your exact specifications. This way, you will see exactly what your sign looks like before you buy, so there’s no surprises or feelings of remorse when you go home with your brand new custom boulder. Heck, we’ll even bring it right to you!

Each Outdoor Sign Is One Of A Kind

One of the biggest benefits to using Lonestar Creative Scapes rather than the large sign corporations is that each one is unique. You have the advantage of creating the exact look that is ideal for your specific application knowing that there are no outdoor signage designs out there just like yours. Sign companies that mass produce their products are not as particular about the fine details that we are, so they will never have the look, feel, and artistic appearance that comes along with a Lonestar outdoor sign.


While these are just a few of the ways that our custom boulder designs really rock the house, the yard, your business, or wherever you are in need of outdoor signage, you can see examples of our work for previous customers in our custom signage gallery.

No matter how extended your imagination or limited your budget may be, we can bring your ideas to life! Fill out our design questionnaire to get a custom quote for your specific outdoor signage needs.


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