A lot of people ask how the process of getting a custom boulder works. Well, it all starts with an idea and a conversation!

Two years ago, Mr. Gulledge approached me and said he knew he wanted a boulder but wasn’t sure what he wanted on it. We talked in length and together we came up with the idea of the outline of Lake Tawakoni, surrounded by the name of his ‘cottage’.

The next step was to create a digital proof of the concept. We had to tweak it a few times until Mr. Gulledge decided it was perfect. Unfortunately, some things came up that prevented him from being able to complete the order at that time.

Fast forward TWO YEARS. Mark emailed me and asked if I still has the digital proof; heck yes I still has the image! He was so excited to be able to finally see his creation come to light. He reserved his custom boulder and we produced the Gulledge Cottage custom boulder based on the original digital proof.

I had the pleasure of delivering Mark’s custom boulder last week, I also got to meet his adorable rescue pup, Rosie.

Mark was one of the very first customers I met when we opened Lonestar Creative Scapes. I felt then that I had made a friend in him and I feel that way even stronger now. When you work with us, we value you. we know that without¬†you we couldn’t continue to do what we do. Thank you to the hundreds of customers just like you, who have allowed us to create special and amazing customer boulder creations for your families!

I suppose you could say that in order to create your very own custom boulder, you have to meet a new friend first.

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